First and foremost sorry, when I first posted my guides I set out to stand out from the rest, I wanted an ad-free and easy to read experience for everyone (me included). Last year I thought it would be a good idea to start putting ads on each guide, this was a huge mistake and I went a bit over the top with how many ads I was showing.

I wanted to change this back earlier but I wanted to find the perfect platform to use to show these guides, this took much longer than expected. I looked into Bookstack, Bootstrap pages, git pages and Jekyll only to name a few.

Recently I had some time to think and look at other options for the guides and I think I have found a better solution. I have now moved all the guides to a more user-friendly and stable platform (Confluence) and also moved all other information there too.

This new platform will have no Ads, the only thing I am collecting is page view data but this is all anonymous. I have also moved all “News” posts and a full list of guides that are working in progress (such as immersive engineering) and also added a list of all the guide suggestions I have had.

There are still a few features I want to bring and work on but this is going to be an ongoing process as I am still getting to know how everything works and what is and is not possible. Comments have also been enabled across the whole site and you don’t need an account to post a comment. GitHub is gone and I am not sure if it’s even possible to use in the future. The site should also be more stable and shouldn’t go down at all as it’s not me hosting these guides. For now, the site has no “dark Mode” but I am working on a way to bring this back.

The new site is quick and still looks good on all devices. I will be reading comments, making changes and also logging anything that has changed and giving credit to the people for each change. I will also be updating all the guides to their newest mod versions but I am still trying to figure out the best way to add any changes.

Again I want to say I’m sorry and that I want to improve the guides as much as I can and also make it a real community project. I will still be writing and updating guides but I also have other things planned in the future. If you have any suggestions please let me know!