A Comprehensive Guide to Applied Energistics 2 covering everything from Networks, Automation, Cables, Channels and much more

Applied Energistics 2 is a mod created by AlgorithmX2 designed to compactly store items in a digital network called Matter Energy, or ME (pronounced Emm-Eee). It is the new and overhauled version of the original Applied Energistics mod. Different devices can be connected to the ME Network, such as an ME Drive, for the storage of items, or an ME Terminal, allowing for access to that storage.

Authors: AlgorithmX2

Minecraft Version Used: 1.12.2

Current Version/Version Used:rv6-stable-7

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Other Mods: Ae2 Stuff, Extra Cells, Thaumic Energistics, LAzy AE

This guide will not have any crafting recipes in it. Please use JEI, as some modpacks change crafting recipes.