A Comprehensive Guide to all things Bees in Minecraft such as Forestry, Gendustry, Magic Bee’s, Career Bees and Binnies Mods

This guide covers a range of Minecraft mods related to Bees and aims to be the main source of everything to do with Bees. Whenever bees are added to any pack, there is always the same set of Bee-related mods used in conjunction with Forestry to make life easier and to add a whole bunch of other features. This guide covers each mod in detail and can still be used to guide you through your Bee adventures

Mods Used

This guide has been written while playing Feed The Beast: Revelation and includes the following mods:

Minecraft Version Used: 1.12.2

Binnie's Mods - - Curse
Career Bees - 0.4.0 - Curse
Gendustry - - Curse
Magic Bees - 3.1.10 - Curse
Forestry - - Curse

There are other mods that involve bees that may not be in the guide; these will be added as soon as possible.

This guide will not have any crafting recipes in it. Please use JEI, as some modpacks change crafting recipes.