A Comprehensive Guide to Blod Magic covering subjects such as Runbes, Blod Orbs, Rituals and Sigils

Have you ever picked up a magic mod for Minecraft, and thought that it was too tame? Was there not enough danger involved when creating your next high-tech gadget? Bored with all of those peaceful animals just staring at you without a care in the world? Well then, I am glad you came here!

Blood Magic is an arcane art that is practised by mages who attempt to gather a vast amount of power through utilizing a forbidden material: blood. Even though it does grant a huge amount of power, every single action that is performed with this volatile magic can prove deadly. You have been warned. For the best experience, you should install JustEnoughItems to find your way through the recipes.

Authors: WayofTime - Owner, Arcaratus - Contributor, BBoldt - Artist, CyanideX - Artist, TehNut - Author, Yulife - Artist

Current Version/Version Used:  2.4.1-10.

Minecraft Version Used: 1.12.2

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This guide will not have any crafting recipes in it. Please use JEI, as some modpacks change crafting recipes.