Frequently Asked Questions

How often are guides updated?

Guides are updated within a few days of the mod developer updating the mod.

Will you do a guide on XYZ?

I have a list of guides I want to get through, this list is always getting bigger and I am only one person. I will ask the community before I decided to jump into a certain mod.

Will you cover my mod?

I am more than happy to cover your mod, I will have to put it on the to-do list unless it's something I can get done in a few days. contact me via discord so we can have a chat!

Will you do mod pack guides?

Yes, this is planned but I cant do this alone, it is something I want to do with a group of people in the future.

Who checks these guides?

Each guide is posted to Google Docs until the edits have stopped. Each guide is then given a test run and also checked by multiple people.

Are these guides still available on Google Docs?

The old Google Docs are set to private as the guides have moved to their own site for better reading and quicker load times.

There is an error on a guide how do I report it?

The best place to report an error would be on the Discord server.

I have a guide suggestion who do I contact?

Guide suggestions can be posted on our Discord server, Twitteremail or via Reddit PM.

How is this funded if it's free?

In the past, I have tried to support Minecraft Guides with ads but this is totally against what I had in mind for Minecraft Guides. Recently I have found a way to cut costs without impacting everyone who uses these guides. This did mean I had to switch from mostly self-hosted guides to something cloud-hosted via Confluence. This means I only need 1 SSL certificate and my hosting can be downgraded as only the home page is hosted there. Hosting and Confluence as well as its apps don't cost me much (around £50 a month) and it's something I can afford to keep up. I have no funding or backers or sponsors.

If I managed to get more time to spend time on Minecraft Guides I want to open a Patreon that will give people access to guides as I am writing them and maybe a few other things but this is not something I will be doing any time soon.

Do you accept Donations?

I will accept any donation but only via PayPal, if you add your Discord details I can give you a coloured rank and I will also mention you on the supports list, please let me know if you do not wish to be added to this list. Donations are not a must and I encourage you to spend your money elsewhere on more important things than a website that hosts Minecraft Guides.

Is there something else that I could do to help?

Simply telling people about these guides is more than enough, if you spot any errors such as a typo or a broken link then letting me know is also a great help. I want MinecraftGuides to be the number one source for Minecraft guides and telling people about it is a great first step.

What happened to the old site?

 I moved the guides over to confluence’s platform with a few addons. The old platform is gone and was not fit for purpose. This platform is easier on the eyes in terms of reading and won't go down as the last one did!