Minecraft Guides.net will always stay free and will always be available for everyone. The site has around 150,000 page views a month and with each new guide, this number is predicted to grow exponentially. MinecraftGuides started as a personal project and has gotten far bigger than I ever anticipated and I am looking forward to things to come.

I cant spend as much time as I want to on Minecraft Guides, this is why some guides see not update and also why it takes so much time to complete a guide. This is a hobby that I do in my spare time. If and when I get more time I will be pouring it into MinecraftGuides.net.

How is this funded if it's free?

In the past, I have tried to support Minecraft Guides with ads but this is totally against what I had in mind for Minecraft Guides. Recently I have found a way to cut costs without impacting everyone who uses these guides. This did mean I had to switch from mostly self-hosted guides to something cloud-hosted via Confluence. This means I only need 1 SSL certificate and my hosting can be downgraded as only the home page is hosted there. Hosting and Confluence as well as its apps don't cost me much (around £50 a month) and it's something I can afford to keep up. I have no funding or backers or sponsors.

If I managed to get more time to spend time on Minecraft Guides I want to open a Patreon that will give people access to guides as I am writing them and maybe a few other things but this is not something I will be doing any time soon.

Do you accept Donations?

I will accept any donation but only via PayPal, if you add your Discord details I can give you a coloured rank and I will also mention you on the supports list, please let me know if you do not wish to be added to this list. Donations are not a must and I encourage you to spend your money elsewhere on more important things than a website that hosts Minecraft Guides.

Is there something else that I could do to help?

Simply telling people about these guides is more than enough, if you spot any errors such as a typo or a broken link then letting me know is also a great help. I want MinecraftGuides to be the number one source for Minecraft guides and telling people about it is a great first step.